BeamNG V0.20

BeamNG V0.20

Today we are happy to announce that v0.20 is live! This update brings a number of long-awaited improvements as well as some surprises that we hope you will enjoy. Let’s dive into the details!

Up first we have the final phase of the Gavril Roamer Remaster. The car received a major overhaul to bring it up to the latest quality standards – most textures along with several meshes were completely redone and interiors were renovated. In addition, we are introducing a new facelift version that comes complete with its own set of parts, like wheels, lights, body panels, and more! With Roamer’s renovations complete, we will begin work on these same final improvements for the D-Series and H-Series, expect more news with the later updates.

Major changes were implemented in the vehicle loading system, which significantly reduced loading and re-loading times.

In even more exciting news, this update brings the renovation of Industrial and Port maps. We’ve completely reworked and merged the two classics together. Now an even bigger and densely populated area, it includes new textures, props, and points of interest. For those of you who love a good challenge we are introducing a new unique playground – Containerland, where the fun cannot be contained!

World Editor 2.0 received further improvements along with a new theme, improved selection and preview options, and a polish pass on UI and Camera Path tool.