BeamNG.Drive A Cannon Destroying Cars

BeamNG.Drive A Cannon Destroying Cars

There’s a really cool video up showing off the further advancements of the BeamNG.Drive simulation software. The toolset puts players in a position to play-test some very intensive rigid-body physics on cars and various objects. One of the newest videos from the community showcases what it’s like for the cars and trucks within BeamNG.Drive to get hit by the full force of a medieval cannonball.

YouTuber Cristineltr posted up a video of the demonstration, showcasing just how devastating a cannonball can be when hitting a little two-door sedan or a giant semi.

Some of the reactions are a little “floaty”… it’s unlikely that the red sedan would fly that high in the air after getting smacked upside the door with a cannonball. Would it flip? Maybe. Would it fly? Unlikely.

Some of the physical reactions from the other vehicles seem a lot more realistic, such as the cannon ball doing very little damage to the cement truck or completely wrecking that white pedo-van.

There’s a second video showcasing the vehicles taking a ride into a car shredder.