Download for Free!!

Download for Free!!

Plunge into a gameplay which is a soft-body physics vehicle simulator. From realistic car crashes to adventurous cop chases, game lets you undertake almost anything and everything. Experience the thrill!


The graphics of the game are sure to woo you. They have been rendered on high-quality, thereby, elevating the fun level of playing the game by several notches. It’s not just the cars that have been intricately designed but the overall environment too doesn’t fail to impress you. The brilliant use of depth-of-field, the impressive color palette, and various other visual effects together blow life to the graphics of the game.


If you are looking forward to playing a realistic and immersive vehicle simulation game, then is the game that you shouldn’t miss. There is no hardcore game plot or story that the game follows. However, it’s the soft-body physics engine that gives a dynamic behavior to the game and entertains the gamers. 

As you play the game and get acquainted with it, you come across different challenges and missions.  If in one mission, you are responsible to deliver a box, you are required to win in a high-speed rally race in another. There are police chases, stunt challenges, and various other mini-games that always keep you on your toes. In the game, you are fully responsible for the vehicle customization, upgrade, its fixing, repair, and maintenance.

You can even go off-roading in a family sedan or burn tires around a racing circuit. On the whole, when it comes to, it is all about cars and trucks. There is nothing in the game that forces you to undertake anything that is not fun or adventurous.


When it comes to the controls of the game, they are quite basic and intuitive. With A, D, S, and W, you can steer, brake and accelerate. With R and C, you can respawn the vehicle and switch camera, respectively. With the left shift, you press the clutch and the N key lets you toggle headlights. There are many other controls too to toggle shifter modem, control fog lights, etc. Also, you can change the controls as per your convenience.

Replay Value

There are 19 detailed and destructible vehicles in the game to get your hands on. Other than the vehicles, there are 10 amazing terrains to explore and zoom your vehicle through. All these hold the gamers quite long and encourage them to play the game again and again. Above all, it’s the soft-body physics sandbox gameplay style that bestows the game with unlimited replay value.


If racing genre game is what you love the most, then play and you will see that it is something that is sure to interest you. The sandbox style of the game lets you roam anywhere in the city in your car or truck. If you love trouble in the world of games, do make sure to accept the missions and get into thrilling cop chases. From hand-crafted environment and vehicles to immersive driving experience, the game offers near-limitless possibilities to the players.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to do anything with your truck or car in video games, the gameplay of free game is something that you can’t afford to miss.